BeyonwizBeyonwiz is getting new Android based WizOTT media player to the market. WizOTT media player supports 1080p-resolution HD videos and also for example sub and srt formatted subtitles are confirmed to work. Media player has HDMI, LAN and two USB interfaces. There is also optical and 2-channel analog connections for audio output.

Android operating system makes this expandable device very interesting. It has for example built-in applications to browse web, email, YouTube, IMDB and eBook reader. It has also Muzee client, which can be used to watch thousands of TV channels or listen thousands of radio stations from internet. Of course there is also applications to play videos, music and photos from home network or USB-devices. Also internet video feature can be used to watch thousands of popular videos from daily updated categories. Videos can be selected from lists or downloaded automatically with video feeds.

Also widgets like clock or weather forecast can be added to the desktop. It is possible to install more Android applications and widgets to the WizOTT.


In addition to LAN it is possible to use separate USB WiFi dongle to connect to the internet. Media files from local network can be accessed through Samba or NFS. WizOTT’s remote is not necessarily the best device for web surfing but luckily also wireless keyboard and mouse can be used.

Flash is not currently supported in browser, which prevents usage of many internet video sites. Sigma Design is however adding support for Flash around April and Beyonwiz has plans to support Flash in browser after that.


Beyonwiz WizOTT has an interesting Muzee application, which makes it possible to access around five thousand television channels and twenty thousand radio stations through internet. Another interesting application is Aldiko’s eBook reader, which makes it possible to read eBooks from big screen. Media player has also for example applications for YouTube and IMDB. Also torrent client can be installed to the device. We hope that also for example Spotify’s Android application can be used with WizOTT device.

Also IM and social media applications are available for Android devices. For example Facebook and Twitter can be used with WizOTT.

WizOTT is planned to come to the market in Finland at February but price is still unknown. site will publish more articles and videos about WizOTT in the future.

Check WizOTT video here.

Find article in Finnish here.

Here is some WizOTT pictures.

WizOTT desktop


WizOTT remote